I can hardly believe that projects like these even exist and even less, that I get to occasionally be a part of one.  Music that makes you feel, dance and think (not necessarily in that order) and artists willing to take chances and tell truths. - Barrie's (AKA Nightmare Boy's) manager, Scottie Diablo, is a longtime friend and collaborator with impeccable taste. When he calls, I listen. Intently. As I suspected, the music was perfect and further, Barrie was simply a wonderful human being from the moment we met. Without much delay we went right to work and shot one day in studio (BONUS: It was Josh Homme's Pink Duck Studios) and one day in and around Venice.  Happy with that material, Scottie and Barrie then asked me to direct their "Chivalry" video, with the intention of releasing it before SCUMBag. While it took many hours to complete, it was in some ways one of the easiest times I've ever had.